Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee Twitter and Tees - 10 Advantages of Twitter

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The humdrum debate about the value of Twitter to business seems to carry on and I would suggest mainly by those that don't use it either often enough or properly. Twitter gives an ideal free to platform to quickly engage your customers and to prospect for new ones.

In this post I'll outline what I deem to be 10 advantages of Twitter from my own usage of the LadyUmbrella t-shirts Twitter account.

1 - Twitter is free so that's one excuse not to use it ruled out.

2 - Twitter has millions upon millions of people using it - surely you want to talk to at least some of them?

3 - You can find people who may be interested in your product by finding similar brands on twitter and following those who follow them - targeting your market doesn't get any easier than that

4 - Twitter is another weapon in your online marketing arsenal, a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your customers, to be available and is key for your online presence. In fact, I find it odd if a company or brand doesn't have a twitter now..

5 - It's often said that Twitter is like "word of mouth on steroids", this is true. If a few people RT (re-tweet) your post which may contain a link to your site you can get a lot of traffic quickly and somewhat easily - how cool is that?

6 - You can build your brand image easily on Twitter. Get in touch with people who follow you, be real, talk about what you care about or what you're doing so that people can relate to you and start to build up trust in you.

7 - Google loves Twitter so if your user name or URL is www.twitter.com/yourcompany then even though your own homepage may not rank in google results (due to keyword competitiveness or other) there is a chance that your Twitter page might which may result in more traffic to your page that you would not not have gotten. Anything that helps the SERP effort is always a bonus.

8 - Twitter is fun, really...once you get "into it" and start to connect with people you'll find that you will make friends and business connections..be it suppliers, customers, bloggers, web designers - whatever, they are all on twitter waiting to be spoken to..if you don't speak to them someone else will!

9 - Twitter provides a useful and easy way to build relationships with potential customers and keep existing customers happy..

10 - Twitter can be a very quick way to get the word out about product offers, competitions or deals you have going..
From my own experience there are a heap of great t-shirt people on Twitter and it seems like there is a real community spirit evolving, connections being made and help and advice being freely distributed. I could go into a long list of great t-shirt peeps I've met on Twitter but I'll save that for a rainy day..I do encourage you to leave your Twitter name as a comment though and feel free to follow me follow me - why not like?

What are your views on twitter anyway? Think it is an unproductive waste of time or a gift from a 140 character deity? What are your twitter tips and don't do's?

Ultimately, you will get out of it what you put into it..you can't expect an instant result but as you create your online image, just by being yourself, you will slowly but surely see the rewards and (possibly/probably) have a good time doing so...

P.S. - I've added "Tweet this" links to all posts in this blog, I give you permission to go nuts tweeting :-)

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  1. If you look on any website, the first thing they all say is that being involved in social media sites, like Twitter, is important for the exact reasons you mentioned. I almost think it's foolish for a company NOT to be on twitter. I know I follow companies that I like and are interested in.

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I did this for a friends wedding party and it worked jolly good. It lasts the whole evening