Saturday, October 31, 2009

What makes a t-shirt a top seller?

What makes a t-shirt a top seller? - if we knew the answer to that how easy would it be to have successful lines? Is there some secret formula to what makes a t-shirt a hit, some broad similar characteristics that unite the heavy weights of the t-shirt sales world?

Well, as far as I can tell I don't think anyone has actually tried to study it - to nail down if its colour, design, t-shirt used, marketing, ease of website use (number of clicks until a buy), payment options available on site or whether a design just hits a topical theme on the head...

Also, wouldn't it be nice to actually have some numbers, some cold, hard data on what it takes to have a top selling t-shirt..With your help out there I will do the donkey work (and the arithmetic) to try find some results..because, well, this is some info I'd like to have to aid me in running LadyUmbrella womens fashion tees and I would hope that it would help some others out there...

So, please, what I need from, the t-shirt sellers of the globe:
- Name of your top selling design
- Length of time you've been selling it for
- Website where its available
- Number of tees sold
- Marketing effort made, ie, a brief synopsis on what you have done to market your shirt/brand (just like 2 or 3 lines, no need to go into detail).
- Spread this onto those you know who sell tees please...really, this is the crucial part, get the tweets on, bookmark, facebook it, shout about it, whatever..I hope to get about 50 "data-sets" to try give some useful results...

You can e-mail me at ladyumbrellaltd [aT] or just post your top selling t-shirts info in the comments section...Also, any suggestions on how I could improve upon this idea are of course welcomed...

Heck yes...

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  1. I want to give you some feedback, however it's a tricky question for me as we've just re-done our site and most of the GritFX product range!

    I can say that in the first 12 months of selling on cafepress, the black t-shirts were the highest sellers.

    And the design "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself... and spiders!" has been and continues to be a top seller of ours.

  2. Cheers for that Manz and anon...the fear tee is cool, no wonder its your top seller...or is that the secret to it...

  3. hey rob our best seller has been
    668 the neighbor of the beast
    since it was one of our earliest designs and was dark and funny at the same time. Lately we have been selling a lot of Where Rainbows come from and I believe they are selling since its a funny and original idea. To have a best selling t shirt in my experience the shirt has to be original and has the potential to go viral.

    By Viral I Mean that the design is cool enough for someone to wear the shirt and for others to want that design since they see others wearing it.

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  5. Very helpful post as usual. Thanks so much! I hope this one goes viral. There is always some secret formula that what makes a t-shirt a hit. Now get a designer t shirt that aims promoting creativity along with empowering designers and artists with a platform to blend their unique designs with fashion.